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A unique boutique hotel, hugging the bank of the Nile, Riverside is the newest cosmopolitan getaway in Zamalek. Our RestoBar combines the best of daytime dining, serving up fresh continental breakfasts daily and bountiful brunches on the weekends, and elegance by night as our bar mixes cocktails matched to your dining choices. Riverside comes alive at weekends as guest DJs bring the beats to light up your night.



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Escape is momentary feeling.

Especially when it’s not too far away from home.


You want a place that offers you a sense of ease; a breath of fresh air from your everyday mundane life; a momentary escape that makes you feel like you’ve gone across the world and back, in the shortest distance possible.


Welcome to Riverside, a place where the breeze always flows in your direction and the
view is always facing you.


Whether you step in for a cold drink after work, a warm dinner with an acquaintance, or a cozy weekend stay with a loved one, Riverside will accommodate itself to you.


Find yourself in one of our five unique rooms.
Whether you feel royal, elegant, nostalgic, rugged or natural, our bespoke rooms will fit to the character you’ve always envisioned yourself as.


Whatever character you choose,
you will experience a night that will take you back to an era where that character thrived for who they were.


It’s not your home away from home.
It’s an escape from your every day.

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